Welcome to the Asterisk-Soap project

Asterisk-Soap is an extensible SOAP (Web services) API with the goal to create and support all Asterisk configuration features.
It's mainly feature is to provide a framework between asterisk core api and multi-platform frontends.

See also the asterisk-web project.

Current Features (0.0.1-alpha)

No release out yet.

Download the latest alpha version.
Documentation is available here.

Get the sources

To check out the source code using svn, use the following command:

svn checkout http://dev.account.fr/svn/asterisk-soap/trunk/ asterisk-soap

How you can help

Simply by using this software and spreading the word about it !
You can also submit bugs and patch using the tickets link above.

Asterisk-Soap team

  • Philippe Besse: Developer
  • Christophe Courtaut: Developer
  • Ludovic Fauvet: Developer / Project leader
  • Flavien Finel: Developer
  • Fabien Gasser: Developer
  • Nicolas Lemoine: Developer / Group leader
  • Charles-Hubert Sebilo: Developer

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Epitech: European Institute Of Technology